Dia de los Muertos The Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday celebrated in many communities. Let's gather resources and share what we learn!

Find out more about this holiday, the traditions and celebrations: Chose a card with a topic related to the holiday. Choose a partner and then you will do a little research. Use all the resources in your library databases, books, or websites listed below. Create a slide in PowerPoint to present your information. You may use the clipart in the program or other images you find on the sites linked below. Write a few sentences about your topic. Keep the background plain. We will use a common background style for all later. Remember your audience will be the first grade classes, so keep it simple. Save your slide in the folder named "Dia de los Muertos" on the server. We will merge the slides into one presentation when all are finished. Good Luck! Topics:

ofrenda (home altar)
cempasuchil (marigold flowers)
fotografías (photographs)
papel picado (cut paper)
calaveras (sugar skulls)
velas (candles)
pan de muertos (day of the dead bread)
flores de papel (paper flowers)
mariposa (butterfly)cementerio & tumba (cemetery & grave)esqueleto or calacas (skeletons)


World Book Online
SIRS Discover
AP Images


Mexican Holidays


Search your library catalog to see what books you may have in the library. Some good ones are: Just_s_minute_cover.preview.jpg Just a Minute by Yuyi Moralas (author's website)

i_rem.jpg I Remember Abuelito; a Day of the Dead Story by Janice Levy
day_of_the_dead_400.jpg //Day of the Dead// by Tony Johnson
crafts.jpg //Day of the Dead Crafts// by Kerry Arquette

Here is a Spanish song counting esqueletos: