Digital Citizenship @ home and @ school


Here is a list of FREE links for curriculum resources to teach digital etiquette, safety and citizenship:

Mike Ribble's overview of the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship: This is a good description of the important areas of ethical, responsible, appropriate, healthy behaviors we should teach and value in technology use.

Graphic showing how the Nine Elements fit into school curriculum for digital citizenship.

**Quest Atlantis**: an online role playing game developed by the University of Indiana. Members are moderated and kids need parental permission & teacher mentoring to join the game. Great resource for schools; teaches digital citizenship, collaboration, problem solving and research skills in a really fun, challenging environment that kids love. World building.

Stop.Think.Connect video on YouTube - fun music video for kids to teach thoughtful surfing.

Commonsense Media: An online guide for parents on how to keep kids safe and educated about online behaviors. Media and Technology Resources for Educatorsincludes links to curriculum, professional development for teachers and administrators, and "Digital Passport, an interactive online game that will teach kids the basics of how to be safe and responsible in a digital world".

NetSmartz Workshop: Parents and Educator's Pages give curriculum and resource support for teaching online safety & good citizenship behaviors to children & teens. Developed by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. NetSmartz Kids pages includes games, videos, & activities to teach children safe & friendly online behavior.

CyberSmart: "CyberSmart! fosters 21st century skills to increase student engagement and prepare students to achieve in today's digital society." Includes online professional development workshops for educators, and a full curriculum for grades K - 12 covering safety, citizenship, learn

ing & creativity, research & information fluency, and 21st century challenges.

Australian CyberSmart video for on how to teach & prepare children to be safe online & avoid cyberbullying.

Simple12Team's YouTube Channel A series of videos for educators on how to teach smart searching, protecting teens and children online, and how to prevent or deal with cyberbullying.

**Reasons** why it's good for kids to learn how to blog: teaches digital citizenship, minding one's digital footprint, how to use the tools to learn, connect & communicate, and more.

**Edutopia**Resource Roundup for Digital Citizenship links. Cyberbullying and Netiquette. Why it's important: "The best offense always begins with a solid defense. This is true in sports and is directly applicable to responsible use of classroom technology and social media."

Cyber Security links from the National Cyber Security Alliance: lesson plans and tips promoted in October, National Cyber Security Month.

**Stay Safe Online resource links**: extensive list of links on all things cyber safe, for parents, teachers and kids. Curriculum & lesson plans here. More at their Resource Library.

Video Conversation Starterr for talking about cyberbullying with kids.Students Megan and Mackenzie made a great 5 minute video covering all the basics!