Folktales are stories that have been passed down through the generations. They often include important cultural and historical information based on local traditions. Studying folktales from different cultures and times can show us what is important to different groups of people.

Read these Native American folktales and look at the word clouds. What do you notice? What do they make you wonder about?

Take a look at these word clouds of well-known folktales. Can you identify what the stories are? Did you every hear these stories as a child? What do you think are the most important parts of the story?





These word clouds were created by copying the text of the story into the cloud generator at Wordle makes the most frequently used words appear larger in the cloud.

Now it's your turn! Choose a folktale from the sites linked below, copy the text, open the site, paste the folktale text into the box, and click GO! Edit your wordle as needed and save it as your teacher instructs.

Folktales online:

Long Long Time Ago

New Jersey folktales

Myths from Around the World

Brer Rabbit

Take another look at your classmate's wordles. Can you identfy the stories they chose? What can you observe about the stories by looking at the word clouds?